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Pending Tickets for KMess 3.0

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For KMess 3.0, these tickets require our attention:


Create a static debugging build to help people
Use doxygen comments in all headerfiles
Peer to peer stack


Add more features to the global settings dialog
Automatically submit crashes by e-mail
Start file transfer if direct connection setup is slow (also fixes Kopete 0.12.6)
Support decline response for a SLP transfer invitation
Implement webcam receiving/sending
Get more Oxygen artwork
Closing the SB when a DC file transfer is running, causes wrong UI updates.
Support STUN for fast file transfers
Check kmess 2 for memory leaks
Clear up KMesses debug output and make a difference between warnings and errors
Add the possibility to use any picture as the contact lists' and chat window background
Allow a themable KMess interface and make a WLM2009-ish theme
Improve file transfer options
Implement Messenger 2009's chat groups
Simultaneous logins to one account should be made impossible by locking
Create CMake code for using bundled/system libkmess and isf-qt


Improve appearance of offline-im messages
Option to switch between personal status messages
Integrate UPnP support with the file transfer code
Inform the user when file transfers will abort [needs love]
Implement protocol commands for phone settings
Reimplement drag'n'drop of Custom Emoticons and Contacts
Fix possible stale p2p applications with no waiting timer running
Implement second INVITE back for direct connection setup
Detect when KMess can become the direct conneciton server
Support reverse direct connection invitations by the contact for the p2p sessions started by us
Support aborting the data preparation message
Find out when WLM sends a 0x40 message.
Find out what happens when a 0x04 message is sent during a file transfer
Improve P2PApplication::testUnAckedMessages() to send errors too
Find out what the 0x06 message means
Detect multiple external IP addresses for the direct connection invitation
Send a '481 No Such Call' error when a Call-ID is not known
Display a debug report at the console if there are p2p sessions active while closing the last switchboard
Test what happens when a switchboard connection is closed while receiving a file
More subtile notifications (employer mode)
See if we can make use of KConfigXT
When the direct connection closes, move any pending messages to the SB instead
Implement privacy settings to prevent IM spam
Improve tabbed chat support, add advanced features
Implement support for the KDE-IM bridge (KIMIface)
Support voice conversations
Check for P2P support before starting file transfers
Verify if chat styles can be integrated with Kopete's and Adium's
Implement the extra MSNP15 features
Add a connection command queue
Make ink drawing nicer by using antialiasing and pressure sensitivety
Add ability to customize the appearance of contact list items
Emoticon blacklist (or contact menu items) should be easier to find
Add code to `configure' to give options directly to cmake
Implement per-contact notifications
Create an option to sort groups in alphabetical order
Reuse the same Add Contact window for all incoming requests
Add a context menu for unsent, sent and received inks
Support MSN Plus! Live Sounds
Give the message editor some rich text capabilities
Sending a temporary file gives the file an incorrect extension
Implement audio conversations
Give the settings a little do-over
Gnome integration: Use notify-send instead of knotify?
Make restoring a session more clear
A KMess exclusive feature: Webcam conferencing!
Integrate file transfers with Plasma progress notifications, and/or showing them in a QDockWidget
Evaluatie KIO::AccessManager
Request a usability review at Open Usability
Allow disabling notifications for blocked contacts


Implement away-idle support for Windows
Implement away-idle support for Mac OS
Implement the systray screenshot code for Windows
Add voice clips support
Be able to export/import the contactlist
Check what happens when the Windows firewall blocks the DC server socket
Add optional cmake check for kdebase-runtime
Add socket error management to direct connections
Allow disabling chat logging for specific contacts
Add feedback for successful contact/group additions
Show warnings for words blocked by the MSN wordfilter
Add option to automatically accept incoming files
Optionally embed transfer window in the contact list window
Add the "blocked" overlay image to the contact avatar as well, and move the overlay over the current status icons to the left
Check or add notifications for completing file transfers
Things to change for the Mac version of KMess
Investigate sending of handwriting to MSN Mobile clients
Handle "server is too busy" in library

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